Why is elevation legal different? We understand commercialisation and young and ambitious business and our focus is on generating value in your business. We understand what working on a tight budget is like. No start up or early stage business can afford to do everything that they really should do when they set up and we will focus our efforts on what you really need right now to get your business to the next stage. We achieve this by working with you to undertake a cost, risk and benefit analysis of your legal needs to see what has to be done now and what you can put off until later or even do yourself.

Your choice of fee structure

At Elevation we will structure our fees in a way to suit you or your business.

Your options include:

Fixed price – agreed price for identified work.

Retainer – fixed price periodic fee – usually on monthly basis for an agreed range of work over an agreed period of time. Our usual retainer period is 12 months.

Event based – fees paid on successful completion of an event such as completion of a transaction.

Timed costing – charged for professional time on legal work at agreed hourly or daily rates.

Please contact us to arrange an obligation free meeting to discuss your matter and the various fee options as outlined above with us.

All part of the service

A common area of dissatisfaction in lawyer/client relationships stems from outmoded law firm billing practices such as charges being applied for communications related to organising meetings and other logistical issues, excess charges for routine photocopying, telephone call charges for local and national calls or postal expenses. At Elevation it is our general policy not to charge for these services. We rarely even charge for long international calls. We consider these costs to be part of operating overhead.

Rest assured that if you need to call us urgently for quick advice and counsel you don’t have to worry that we will add the call to our next bill. We base our fees on the value of actual legal or business consultancy work that you ask us to provide, whether you wish us to prepare documents, or provide written or verbal advice.

Initial free consult

We offer to all prospective new clients an initial free consult of up to 45 mins to discuss with you, your specific legal and business issues and to determine whether and how we might best assist you.

Fair pricing complaints or concerns

If you are unhappy with the work or with a bill that you have received from us we will be happy to discuss it with you.