brandASSESSTM is Elevation Legal’s service designed for creative, branding, advertising and marketing specialists

Elevation Legal works with brand specialists such as brand strategists, marketing professionals and marketing departments, graphic designers and design houses, web designers, advertising specialists and other creatives responsible for the development and growth of succesful brands. The service we offer to you, which you can then ‘whitelabel’ package as part of your own service to your clients, is to complete a trade mark review and clearance check for selected ‘names’, ‘logos’ and other brand identity elements to ensure your client’s name or logo will likely be registrable as a trade mark and will not infringe the rights of other trade mark or brand owners.
Why offer ‘brandASSESS’?

In keeping with our general approach to client matters, we like to work in partnership with each client as closely as possible to best understand your needs and those of your clients. The brandASSESS service package is very much built around this collaborative approach and in effect always will involve a brainstorming approach – be it to select a great name that becomes a valuable business asset attractive to investors, licensees or franchisees that is a registrable as a trade mark to which business goodwill can be attached.
What is the brandASSESS service?

The brandASSESS service is a retainer service for professionals involved in branding and brand development.

Upon receipt of your instructions via email or fax we complete trade mark searches and prepare a fixed format trade mark clearance search report that sets out in a very simple and easily digestible format the likelihood of success of any trade mark filing based on the name or logo, the risk of infringement of third party trade marks or passing-off based on searches of business name and company registers as well as a review of possible domain names.

Our simple report allows you and your clients to quickly assess whether to proceed with a name or logo project or whether to reject that proposed brand before making further or significant investment into a brand that may later not be registrable or may conflict with an existing brand.

The brandASSESS service can save you and your client’s money and time (and potentially your risk of embarrassment) by minimising the risk at the time of brand selection that your client’s brand will be legally sustainable in addition to it being a strong brand that is distinctive, memorable and will have a long life. The service when packaged into your own service will make your own branding service into a more professional and complete service offering.

Subscribers to the service also benefit from preferential rates and service for our trade mark registration and domain name acquisition services.
How does it work?

Each time you develop a new logo, brand identity or name (or selection of shortlisted names) you simply fax or email those details along with information on where and how the branding will be applied (other countries etc.), the goods and services the branding will be used with, details of the likely marketing approach or channels. If we need more information we will contact you.

We will then complete searches across the Australian trade mark register (limited overseas if requested), the business names and company names registers and relevant domain name registers. We will summarise our review in a report which will include our recommendations on how to proceed – including to proceed with one or more selected brands and registering trade marks and domain names, abandoning the brand and starting over, tweaking the brand in some way to avoid the concerns we raise, completing more detailed comprehensive or even international trade mark searches.

After sending out our report we will contact you by phone to discuss its contents including to determine how you can deliver best outcomes to your own client.
How much does it cost?

We charge a low monthly fee over a 12 month retainer period. The retainer is fixed fee that is based on the number of branding professionals in your office and your estimated likely monthly usage. Once you are on the retainer you may use the service as much as you like up to the cap agreed at the time of signing up. If you go over the cap by more than 10% in 3 or more months we will discuss this with you and may ask you to move up to the next appropriate retainer level.
Want to know more?

Please contact us on +61 8 9488 3355 or by email to info at elevationlegal dot com