jumpSTART™ is Elevation Legal’s tailored and fixed fee legal solution for start-ups and early stage ventures.

Start-ups and early stage companies require the confidence that comes from having practical and commercially focussed legal counsel on call. The establishment phase of any business, particularly those operating in IP sensitive industries such as IT and biotechnology, represents a critical time for establishing a strong basis upon which to establish and launch a successful business.

However, the start-up phase is also a cost sensitive time for any new business undertaking. Elevation Legal offers a fixed fee solution for start-ups responding to these competing demands.

jumpSTART™ is tailored to address the specific requirements of start-up enterprises and the specific requirements of the industry the business will operate in. Typically this involves a solution including some of the following offerings:

* IP review

A preliminary review of IP ownership to ensure the business is proceeding on a sound footing. Drafting appropriate IP assignment agreements to ensure IP is either owned by or available to the IP commercialisation entity.

* IP commercialisation strategy

The development of an effective IP commercialisation strategy – including identifying your critical IP representing your competitive advantage and advising you on the necessary steps to secure that IP including assisting you to work with Patent Attorneys if patent protection is appropriate.

* Corporate structure

Advice on and the establishment of an appropriate corporate structure for your business and personal needs – eg company / partnership / joint venture / trust etc. – having regard to appropriate risk and financial management issues, investability considerations and asset protection concerns.

* Branding package

Essential to any succesful business is a good name. We work with you and our associated specialist brand strategists to help identify a quality name and associated brand identity that is protectable as a trade mark. We will also complete trade mark registrations and domain name registrations to ensure you get maximum brand exposure, protection and return.

* Founders’ agreement

Drafting a shareholders’ or partnership agreement to define the relationship and rules relating to conduct of your business and to address such issues as IP ownership, buy-out rights, exit strategies, business planning and allocation of responsibilities.

* Terms & conditions of trade

Drafting new standard terms and conditions – eg an end user licence agreement (EULA) / service level agreement (SLA) or product supply agreement / Material Transfer Agreements and similar – to govern the relationship with your clients and manage potential liability arising from the supply of your products / services.

* Employees and contractors

Drafting employment / contractor terms and conditions to govern the appointment of your key staff and contractors ensuring relevant IP is retained and protected.

Team Approach – to ensure the advice you receive is consistent with the objectives of your other advisers, and because two minds are better than one, we adopt a team approach in working with your accountants, patent attorneys, business and marketing advisers and other relevant consultants.
What does it cost?

No two businesses are alike. Each business has its own unique strengths, weakness and risks. Accordingly we tailor a jumpSTART™ solution to reflect your particular services, the specific industry in which your business operates and the nature of your competition.
Initial Free Consultation

Before engaging us to provide the jumpSTART™ solution we will first assess your requirements during an initial free consultation with you, define the scope of your jumpSTART™ solution in writing and provide you with a fixed quote.