Elevation Legal’s lawyers have extensive experience advising on, negotiating and drafting agreements for the full range of IT transactions, including:

* software and systems development;
* software and systems integrations;
* services supply;
* software escrow arrangements;
* IT services outsourcing;
* bureau services outsourcing;
* outsourcing process – including preparing and responding to RFTs/RFPs;
* other corporate or financial functions and services outsourcing;
* facilities management; and
* outsourcing contract management
* service levels;
* master services agreements;
* licensing and distribution;
* joint ventures;
* designing standard form documents for suppliers and customers;
* and specifically in relation to communications:
o supply and service agreements in relation to carriage and content; and
o systems interconnect arrangements.

Technology procurement

Elevation Legal’s lawyers also have wide experience and expertise in advising on, and negotiating and drafting:

* technology development agreements
* purchase and licence agreements (including open source)

for enterprise and government bodies (in accordance with government contracting requirements, such as GITC);
Information services

Elevation Legal lawyers also have experience in advising on and negotiating and drafting agreements for:

* technology supply;
* information services including information feeds, websites and portals;
* multimedia/digital content supply and development for information and other content suppliers.

Electronic commerce

We can advise on and draft e-commerce contracts and documents including for:

* website development;
* website hosting;
* website use, disclaimers and privacy policies;
* content and portal agreements;
* online content regulation;
* application service provider (ASP) arrangements;
* internet service provider (ISP) arrangements;
* systems interconnect arrangements;
* online gaming;
* online banking;
* online auctions;
* online payment issues;
* privacy and consumer protection issues;
* public key infrastructure (PKI), the use of digital certificates and ecommerce security;
* B2B procurement;
* EFTPOS transactions;
* WAP/mobile enabled applications;
* smart card technology;
* advising suppliers of ecommerce technology and ecommerce participants on international and domestic legal issues, including enforcement, liability and risk.

Privacy & data protection

Our lawyers also have experience in advising and drafting agreements and corporate/enterprise policies on information privacy issues.
Compliance and risk management

We are also able to advise:

* on, and establishing, technology and trade practice compliance systems and programs.
* on risk management issues in systems and transactions, and contract administration;
* designing compliance and risk management systems; and
* SPAM Act compliance.

Domain names

We regularly advise on domain names and provide the following services for our clients:

* registration (see the Domain Names tab to apply online now) and renewals, trade mark, domain name and branding strategies
* cybersquatting and domain name disputes
* WIPO dispute resolution
* Jurisdictional issues

Technology dispute resolution

We can assist with:

* alternative dispute resolution including mediation and assisted negotiation
* IT litigation including relating to negligent software development and breaches of IT agreements and misuse of market power relating to software integration and breaches of the Trade Practices Act.