Elevation legal have had a great deal of exposure to legal issues and structures surrounding the conduct of research in universities and private and public sector research institutes.  Our Lawyers have considerable experience in dealing with the legal issues facing Research-based organisations, particularly in relation to the commercialisation of their Intellectual property and research outcomes.

Our Lawyers have experience dealing with a broad range of technologies.

In conjunction with our commercialisation partners Elevation Corporate, we can provide the following assistance to R&D organisations:

* Research and development advice and agreements – review, negotiation and development
* Materials transfer arrangements and agreements
* Non-disclosure/confidentiality arrangements and agreements
* Production and distribution advice, strategy and documentation
* Intellectual Property, identification, securing and protection
* Licensing and commercialisation advice, strategy and supporting legal documentation
* technology transfer advice and documentation
* capital raising advice and documentation
* Regulatory advice (eg. Therapeutic Goods Act TGA, FDA etc.)
* Clinical trial approval, process and strategy

We can also assist you with review and development of Intellectual Property Policies and Procedures and Governance arrangements.